Allen's Homes Sales. - Since 1973
Reasons to buy from Allen's
1)  We are family owned & operated since 1973. Our name & reputation mean everything
2)  Because of this Allen's is the oldest dealership in the state of Virginia
3)  We have the best prices, We don't want to make it all on you or any one person.
4)  Discounted prices means more customers who can spread our good name.
5)  Fast & Properly done setups.
6)  Experience. We are the only dealership that has a class A contractors license plus a masters plumbing, electrical, heating & air conditioning, gas fitters and builders.We are not mobile home sales people without hands on building knowledge.
7)  We are the only dealer that gives a 1 year set up warranty, we will re level if necessary.
Our service is a corner stone of our success. Nothing is more important than YOU when you need service.
9)  We will back up our claims with the Better Business Bureau & a list of our previous customers.
10)  No pricing games. Set-up is included in our standard  You will never hear "We must now add in set-up".
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